The aim of the course is develop basic understanding about French, German and Spanish language. It covers basics of reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Learning a new language might not be all that easy, but there are many benefits indeed. Many people learn languages for many different reasons, but here I will give you 5 Amazing reasons why should we Learn a Foreign Langauage.

1. Meet new people and Impress people around you
2. Study or live overseas
3. Discover a new culture
4. Develop confidence
5. Improve your employability

Everybody has different reasons for learning a language (or not). But by now, I hope I’ve managed to convince at least some of you of the amazing rewards that learning another language can bring. Of course, it’s not an easy process, and it does take time and effort. But the investment is well worth it.

Language Course Contents-

*Day to day conversation
*Reading Techniques
*Word Formations
*Telephonic Conversations
*Basic Vocabulary
*Basic Grammar
*Sentence Formations
*Cultural Background

Training/Class Options and Durations

Normal Track: 2 Months

Sessions are conducted three days of the week

Fast Track: 1 Month

Sessions are conducted five days of the week

Weekend Courses