MATLAB is a coding platform to generate the engineering output in the form of graphical format or to execute the repeated loops in the calculations. It is tool for numerical computation and visualization. The basic data element is a matrix, so if you need a program that manipulates array-based data it is generally fast to write and run in MATLAB


  1. FEA theory
  2. CFD theory
  3. Aptitude Preparation

Brief of mechanical projects done.



Natural frequency analysis of the electric motovibrator

Natural frequency analysis of the electric motovibrator, this is electric motor design to induce vibrations, project involves 3d cad modeling , building the FE model considering the bearing stiffness into account in addition to meshing of complex components like motor housing, flanges, shaft and connections between them. Natural frequency and mode shapes of the motor are calculated.


Design and Analysis of lift for handicapped person

Special lift which can be operated by handicapped person is designed and linear static analysis is performed for design loads. Project include Power calculation, motor selection, rope design, lift design, 3d CAD modeling, FE model building and analysis to estimate the stresses in the lift


CFD project assistance

Experimental study and comparison of data to existing tsunami force equations.Laboratory experiments carried out with a flume to estimate tsunami-like bore forces on a vertical flexible wall.

The method proposed by Miles to estimate tsunami bore forces may yield non-conservative estimates. Tsunami bore force estimations made with the Honolulu Code, CETN, and Cross seem to be conservative in all cases studied. All the result from the CFD analysis is correlated with theoretical result.


MATLAB project assistance

Carry out the FFT and Hilbert transform of the lamb wave signal which is in the form of time domain. Plotting all the waveform of signal in MATLAB

Optimization of the turbine blade in the MATLAB