Ram Prasad

I completed my Mechanical Engineering from UP a year back. After engineering, I applied for a job in every other place where vacancy existed but because I just dropped out from college and was a fresher, I was not selected anywhere. This remained my status for another 5 months after which I met Ganesh sir. I got number from Just Dial and he is a successful engineer who also completed his PhD and I went to him for advice. He understood that the problem was in my resume and in my communication skills. He suggested me to join SGS Academy for CAD and FEA course. These courses not just developed my communication skills but also made my resume attractive. I completed these courses in 3 months and then applied for jobs. I applied in Tata Motors and got placed too. I am thankful to SGS and a lot more to Ganesh sir for showing me the right path and for nurturing the skills in me. Thanks again.

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